A note from poet and leader of EcoAddendum’s Haiku Walk, Reverend Marti Keller:


A fall Eco-A nature walk through Hidden Cove park in Decatur provided a wooded setting for capturing this experience in three line verses, or haiku poetry. As participants learned about bark and branches, native and non-native trees and plants, they were also invited to record their moments of insight and perception.


From Brian M.:


Languid, slow-moving

Quietly snaking over rocks

Artery of life


Beech trees, silent seniors

Still bearing fruit and anchored

To moist Georgia soil


Sweet scents of decay

Fall colors carpet our path

Spring rebirth awaits


Oak acorns rain down

Pre-wheat nuts fed early Man

Garden of Eatin’


Tulip poplar tree

Forest soldier once stood tall

Upturned, now at peace


From Marcia C.:


hidden cove

blue jay and leaf blower

a competition


From Marti K.:


Native orb weaver

she’s working hard

to tidy web


scouting helicopter


the wild ginger


October white oak acorns

will not be



Carolina wren

boulevard traffic

remnant crickets


hard to stop calling

invasive green



leaves caravan

down the October creek

tadpoles vanished


From Kashish K.:


crunching through an orange trail

hopping on broken trunks

i walk to Nature.


nasty snaps of branches

shedding away the dead old weight

from green to orange to bare


a thorny womb

gives birth to symmetric

heart pods


acorns in my


am i a squirrel?


From Suraj S.:


Jewelweed spreads

waiting for the hummingbird’s beak

my fingers instead!


Hum of crickets

lost in conversation

found in silence


Red oak tree stands

adorning the road with acorns galore

squashed by tires


Fallen trees

old and gigantic on the floor

laying new foundations


From Jeannie H.:


Fall Sounds

Acorns Tumbling

All Abound All Around

As the Seasons Drop

Let it Go











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