Eco-A is excited to offer our new Living With Trees series of neighborhood      Walk  & Learn  events and on-line presentations to help everyone better understand how to live with the trees in our yards and communities.


Master Naturalist Kathryn Kolb and ISA certified Arborist Edward Morrow (think Tree Doctor) partner in providing this engaging programming in neighborhoods throughout metro Atlanta and other municipal areas in Georgia, including Athens and Macon.


We show everyone how to recognize trees that may be at risk of falling before they create damage, and we share lots of fascinating facts about trees, and the surprising character and diversity among the trees right in our backyards. We also share tips on how to keep your yard trees at their healthiest and best, so they can safely provide their many benefits for decades and even generations to come. 


People are often afraid trees may fall and harm people and property, but most trees tell you they have health problems many years before they fail, we just need to know what signs to look for — and know when it’s time to call an Arborist for professional help. At the same time, folks may lose sleep fearing damage from perfectly healthy trees that have centuries left to live. Knowing more about how to tell healthy trees from potentially hazardous trees can save homeowners the cost of unnecessary tree removal as well as the stress of unnecessary worry. Discovering a tree may be potentially hazardous and pruning or removing it before it breaks or falls can certainly save much cost and heartache.

Did you know?

  • mosses and lichens do not harm trees

  • a tree leaning on purpose, toward light, may not be a fall risk

  • healthy trees able to move freely in strong winds are less likely to fall

  • some common trees in our yards may live 500-700 years

Trees are critical to a healthy living environment, they give our neihghborhoods beauty and character, and they help keep our whole planet healthy. Join us for great conversations about trees, and ask us about hosting a walk in your neighborhood or an online talk with your group.

For more information contact us

or call Kathryn 404-862-0118 or Edward 478-696-9063