My wife Verel and I met in Seattle, Washington in 1982 and returned there in 1984 to marry. This is where Verel and I started going on nature walks, including a trip to Mt. Rainier.  At that time I used an instamatic camera with a magic cube. When we returned to New Orleans, Louisiana Verel introduced me to the 35mm camera, she had a Canon AV-1.  I saved some money and purchased my own Canon AE-1 Program. Family and friends were added to my photography. Verel started going to the zoo after our son was born. We continued nature walks in Louisiana and anytime we traveled out of town. (Verel and Tony Thaxton at Herbert Greene Park, above left)

I enjoy the variety of nature, the year around availability, and the beauty. There are various colors, small insects, and larger animals. I can spend a few minutes in  my backyard, or hours at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. My first “Walk Down Yonder” with Eco-A was Saturday the 25th of October 2015. My wife and I enjoyed the experience so much that we attended the Herbert Greene Nature Walk Sunday the 26th of October.  The walks are a fun and educational activity that Verel and I can enjoy together. I enjoy photography and Eco-A gives me a chance to share meaningful images with the public. Anyone who wants to enjoy the outdoors with nice people should join. Now that we discovered EcoAddendum Verel and I enjoy the variety of the walks. Kathryn has gotten us out of our comfort zone, safely. Rain or shine, any time is picture time. Nature, the simple complexity. 

5 responses to “Tony Thaxton – On Photography and Nature”

  1. Catherine Fox says:

    Beautiful! Thank you!

  2. Debra Pearson says:

    Amazing, exquisite nature! How beautiful—one image after another! The photographs remind me that if I am aware of my natural surroundings , any split second of my life can be an amazing opportunity to experience the grace of creation.

    Thank you Tony for sharing these myriad forms of visual poetry.

  3. Cheryl Tarr says:

    Thank you for sharing your story and beautiful images!

  4. Joy Martin says:

    There are so many visual sensations in nature. I love the way your compositions capture details and moments – the intimacy of nature is found in your art.

  5. Michael Ross says:

    Great work and a great way to spend time with a loved one!

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