Marti Keller has been a part of the Eco-A community since the very first nature walk around the lake at Stone Mountain. She and her husband Richard Cohen were attracted to the idea–and still are enthusiastically committed to– opportunities to spend time in our precious Southern Piedmont wilderness areas, especially in the urban Atlanta environment. She is a Unitarian Universalist minister in the Thoreau transcendentalist tradition. She was selected as a poet/artist in residence for the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act. Her most recent poetry collection is “Thinking in Haiku”. The following are several haikus Marti created including one inspired by the Eco-A Henderson Park walk.


Haiku on the trail

Beech trees coming in

Pipe vines, native magnolias

A very rich woods


Georgia Native Plant

We scramble down banks

Yell out: trillium ahead

small acts of rescue.


Speed Hikers

Thirteen grim hikers

in no way forest bathing

Do not see the trees.


Urban Woods in Early Winter

The trees are dimming

as they should in December

a dogwood still gleams.


Split Birch

Inside burnt-out tree trunk

High up in its black bowels

a mushroom flowers.



Twenty-five years here

Once fooled by acres of green

Kudzu invasions.


Savant Slope

Some natives burst through

the English ivy hillside

Ancient defiance.

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