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Green Superheroes! – with Tree S.T.A.R.S Author Edward Morrow, Cascade Springs Nature Preserve

March 23 @ 9:30 am - 12:00 pm

Join ISA Certified Arborist Edward Morrow on a walk through Cascade Springs Nature Preserve where we’ll learn how this author was inspired to turn his experiences with trees, tree care professionals, and Atlanta’s urban forest into the stories of his outdoor-adventure series, Tree S.T.A.R.S.

Edward’s original concept for a tree care business book was transformed into a fictional tale crafted to celebrate trees and the importance of the arborists who care for them. Edward’s work brings public awareness–and excitement–to the world of  arboriculture, and he brings a new generation of green heroes to meet the challenges of our times. 

Dominion, released in 2022, is a set of five short stories set in the South, exploring turbulent changes and dramatic personal challenges for individual players in the tree care industry. The follow-up Haven, was released in 2024.

On our walk, we’ll stop to visit significant trees where Edward will read passages from the newly published Haven, as well as share his inspirational journey blending passions for both arboriculture and creative writing. He’ll also answer your questions  about tree risk factors as well as share tried-and-true tree care tips for the optimal health of trees in your yard.  

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Arborist Edward Morrow, photo @ Kevin Dantes, 2023

More About Edward Morrow 

A practicing and consulting ISA Certified Arborist, Edward Morrow also helps develop educational urban forestry programs for neighborhood associations, libraries, and youth programs. He has inspired upcoming, and seasoned professionals, as an impactful speaker/educational facilitator through the following organizations: The International Society of Arboriculture, Georgia Arborist Association, North Carolina Nursery & Landscape Association, Utah Nursery & Landscape Association, Pacific Northwest ISA Chapter, The University of Tennessee, and has contributed as a writer for Tree Care Industry Magazine.

Edward Morrow also partners with EcoAddendum on our Living With Trees program which shows neighborhood residents how to recognize signs trees might be at risk of falling before they can create damage. We also share fascinating facts about trees, and dispel myths and misconceptions about our powerful, natural friends.

To schedule a Living With Trees on-line presentation or an                                                                                                    in-person “Walk and Learn” click HERE.

Tree S.T.A.R.S: Dominion – Synopsis
After a startup unleashes innovative technology designed to preserve the “City in a Forest,” an entire tree care market spirals into unfamiliar territory as tree care professionals, industrial athletes, and green industry stakeholders struggle to maintain their edge in a new competitive landscape.

Tree S.T.A.R.S: Haven – Synopsis
Six months after the events of Dominion…Dr. Orin Ogden—once an elite and highly regarded arborist—is now an afterthought within the industry. He’s worried about his tree industry legacy and bloodline. Will the next generation appreciate the importance of safeguarding nature?



March 23
9:30 am - 12:00 pm