Eco-A leads unique educational walks and outings in the rich and special natural areas of Atlanta, Georgia and the Southeast. We’ll learn to identify and share fascinating information about plants, trees, wildflowers, wildlife, creeks, rivers, overall ecosystems, and how we can better connect to nature for our own health and well-being.


We promote the art of observation, and share thoughts on how beauty, science and wellness are inseparable, and how the health of individuals, and society as a whole, is linked to the health of our environment. At times we’ll invite other professionals to join us, and for all who join our walks, we offer the opportunity to earn levels of EcoNaturalist Certification, from beginning to advanced.


We learn together, in a spirit of discovery, sharing, balance, integrity,

remembrance and wholeness in order to restore ourselves

as well as our natural environment!


Walks and Outings Schedule

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More about our outings: Our walks are tailored for adults and families and, in addition to offering public monthly outings in a wide range of locations, we also lead walks for other groups such as garden clubs, neighborhood groups, church groups, hiking clubs, photography clubs and local businesses. We lead smaller groups so everyone has a great first-hand experience.

KKolb and Jessica Muhammad

We never know exactly what we’ll see on each outing—that’s part of the joy of discovery—but all walks include a wide variety of facts, insights and anecdotes about:

trees, plants, wildflowers

  • how to identify by distinctive leaf shapes and growth patterns
  • flowers, fruits, nuts and seeds
  • tree bark characteristics
  • touch, smell, taste
  • seasonal character  
  • habitat types & indicators  
  • edible and medicinal qualities

Mimosa Microphylla Stn Mtn by KKolbnative and non-native species 

  • difference between native and invasive species
  • how to create a haven for native species in your yard/greenspace


  • local and migratory species
  • bird ID by sight
  • bird calls
  • special bird behaviors
  • inter-continental migration, including in City of Atlanta


  • mammals of our area
  • wildlife signs: tracks & other markings
  • common reptiles and amphibians
  • insects & importance in overall ecology (including butterflies, pollinators, life cycles)

ecology & ecosystem restoration

  • how overall ecology works and how even the tiniest  creatures can be critically important in the web of life
  • tips on how we can help protect the native plants, trees and beneficial species, even in our own backyards!

further reading

  • interesting reading lists for our walk participants.

WADY group Stone Mtn by KKolb 9.14.13

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 Our mission is to share enlightening experiences
that renew our sense of well-being and connection to the natural world.