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TreeValueMatrix™ (TVM) is a quick and easy way to compare the relative values of trees in greater metro-Atlanta and the Georgia and southeastern Piedmont region.

All trees are inherently valuable, but sometimes trees may need to be cut, especially for landscaping or building projects. TreeValueMatrix™ is a fast and convenient way to assess the relative value of individual trees, so that if some trees must be lost, the highest value trees can be identified for preservation. 

Values are qualitative, not monetary, and are designed to identify those trees that will contribute the highest green infrastructure and ecological value to a landscape for the longest period of time, in order to support a healthy environment within our communities.

TVM™ identifies “low,” “moderate,” “high” and “excellent” value trees, where “high” and “excellent” values indicate higher priority trees to retain, and “low” and “moderate” values indicate lower priority trees to retain.

In TVM™, those trees that provide the most ecosystem value for the longest period of time in the best quality soils are given the highest values. These are native tree species that have long lives (some up to 600 years or more), indicate older forest conditions and soils, and add the most value to ecosystem biodiversity. Trees are also given higher values when their diameter at breast height (dbh) indicates they are well established and are likely 40-80 years old, or older. Non-native invasive trees, younger trees, and less healthy trees are given lower ratings. Lower ratings are also given for trees in locations where continued growth would be unhealthily constrained, and they are given higher ratings if they are growing in healthier, more natural forest conditions.

TreeValueMatrix™ is designed for use by professional and municipal arborists, homeowners, land surveyors, educators, students and many others wishing to determine the relative values of individual trees in urban, suburban and ex-urban lots and landscapes primarily in the Atlanta metro-area. The species and values listed are also appropriate for cities and counties within the Georgia and southeastern Piedmont region. 

In a simple, 4-step process, users first input the tree species the tree’s diameter at breast height (dbh). Then the user is prompted to select one of four general health conditions: no apparent problems, minor problems, moderate problems, or if the tree is dead, dying or hazardous (DDH), and finally the user selects one of three tree soil conditions: poor, fair, or forest, and then the  final value is displayed. The criteria for the user’s choices are explained in the TVM™ app text (by pressing the “?” button), and are designed to be easily identified visually in the field. Tree care professionals should be able to determine a tree’s value within about 1-3 minutes per tree.

Use of the TVM™ is not intended to replace an in-depth analysis of a tree’s health by a certified arborist, but simply to create a quick way to assign basic values in order to prioritize individual trees for building and landscape planning.

TreeValueMatrix™ values were derived from blending data from many sources, including tree ring studies, commonly used tree appraisal systems, ecological studies, as well as years of field experience from professionals in the region.

TreeValueMatrix™ is different from other tree valuation systems because it focuses on the qualitative value of trees for maintaining a healthy native environment, rather than monetary or decorative/horticultural values. TVM™ is the only system we know of that incorporates the ecological values of trees, including soil value, in an easy-to-use field tool.

Georgia and the Southeastern US hosts more native tree species than any other part of the US, and every yard contributes to a healthy environment for our communities.

TreeValueMatrix™ is an original product designed by Eco-A’s Kathryn Kolb and developed by Full Stack Web Developer Rebecca Cunningham and Eco-A Admin. Asst. Morgan Hamlin.


TreeValueMatrix™ is now available for               iPhone and Android devices 


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