TreeValueMatrix™ is a field tool designed for use by arborists, land surveyors, municipal staff, homeowners, educators and others to determine the relative values of individual trees in urban, suburban and ex-urban lots and landscapes in the Atlanta metro-area and the Georgia and Southeastern Piedmont region.


Values are qualitative, not monetary, and are designed to identify those trees that will contribute the highest green infrastructure and ecological value to a landscape for the longest period of time, in order to support a healthy environment as part of our communities.


Though we work to retain as many trees as possible, in some cases, trees may need to be removed for the purposes of building. TreeValueMatrix™ (TVM) identifies “low,” “moderate,” “high” and “excellent” value trees, where “high” and “excellent” values indicate higher priority trees to retain, and “low” and “moderate” values indicate lower priority trees to retain, when some trees may be lost.


In a simple, 3-step process, users input the tree species, the diameter at breast height (dbh), and select options for basic health and growing conditions. Once the tree species and dbh have been selected, the user is prompted to select one of four general health conditions: no apparent problems, minor problems, major problems, or DDH; and one of three tree growing/soil conditions: poor growing conditions, fair growing conditions, or urban forest. Prompts for the criteria for each condition are imbedded within the app.


Any user should be able to find a tree value within about 1-2 minutes or less per tree. Use of the TVM™ is not intended to replace an in-depth tree health analysis by a certified arborist, but simply to create a quick way to assign basic values in order to prioritize individual trees for building and landscape plans.

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TreeValueMatrix will soon be available on Apple devices.


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