Become a certified Eco-Naturalist   White Oak Acorn

Eco-A offers the opportunity to become a certified Eco-Naturalist for the Atlanta and the Southeastern region. When you are certified, you will be able to identify many of the plants, trees, wildflowers, birds and other wildlife of your neighborhood and our region.  You’ll also understand the interesting character, value, uses and overall importance of what roles these species play in the natural ecosystem.

And you’ll learn how to help restore and maintain important species and healthy environments, from wilderness areas to our own backyards.

There’s no classroom work required to become an Eco-Naturalist.  Your training is all done outdoors during Eco-A walks in natural areas, learning through first-hand experiences so you can share that knowledge with family and friends.

Here’s How It Works:

On each walk, we’ll share a great deal of information about the various species we find.  After a few Eco-A walks you’ll begin to identify various species by yourself. When you’re ready to become certified, you’ll just let us know at the beginning of your next walk. If you can fulfill the requirements of the level you’ve chosen, then you’ll become certified!

Level 1 is free, yet it’s a little more work for us to certify you at higher levels, so here’s the breakdown:

 Eco-Naturalist Certification Levels

Level 1 – Candidate must be able to identify and share info about:

  • 5 native plants including wildflowers
    Fire Pink by KKolb
  • 5 native trees
  • 5 native birds (by sight or call)
  • 5 invasive plants 
  • 5 bodies of water in your watershed

— Cost:  Free! – Yay! congratulations! – Receive pin of merit (Level 1)

 Level 2 – Candidate must be able to identify and share info about:

  • 7  native plants including wildflowers
  • 7  native trees
  • 7  non-native, invasive plants or trees
  • 7  native birds including 2 neo-tropical migrants (by sight or call)
  • 7  types of insects, and their importance in the ecosystem
  • 7  wildlife signs
  • 7  streams or rivers in Georgia including the major watersheds

— Cost $25 – Receive pin of merit (Level 2)

 Level 3 – Candidate must be able to identify and share info about:

  • 10 native plants including wildflowers
  • 10 native trees
  • 10 invasive plants
  • 10 native birds including 4 neo-tropical migrants (by sight or call)
  • 10 types of insects and their importance in the ecosystem
  • 10 wildlife signs
  • 10 native species living in or dependent on streams or rivers in Georgia,
  • 10 interdependent species relationships in the Georgia Piedmont
  • 10 human uses of native trees and plants
  • 10 additional facts about specific species

— Cost $75 – Receive pin of merit (Level 3)

Gulf Frit. eggs PassifLutea by KKolb

More challenging levels are available.
Questions? Contact us at or call 404-862-0118