Almost everyone says our walks and outings are special and “exceeded expectations.” Here are some quotes from our walkers:

“I had a blast on the Walk About at Cochran Mill. I really didn’t know what to expect and was pleasantly surprised. I was impressed by the information that I learned about trees and have already benefited from the knowledge on walks in my neighborhood. Thanks for providing a positive experience where I had fun learning, meeting new people, and getting exercise. – Karen H. 2013

“Thank you so much for introducing me to Hampton-Beecher Greenspace. I really enjoyed the walk, the people and leaning more about my community and its natural gifts. It’s a wonderful thing you all are doing.” – Jena J. 2014

“My family is still abuzz from what we learned. Stay in touch regarding the show, that sounds exciting!” – Ninah I. 2014

“You notice how all these tiny details fit into a big beautiful whole – then you have moments of transcendence!” – Alicia K. 2014

“I would sum it up as “Simplicity in the neighborhood”. It reminded me of my childhood in Thomaston, Georgia where we lived in authentic log houses. We lived on the land and ate off the land.” – Lena M. 2014

“I really wish to thank Ecoaddendum for the walk in the forest . . . Because of Jessica and Kathryn, I felt again the same enchantment that first filled me as a child walking in the woods. Sadly, that feeling ebbed with age. But, you guys awakened fond memories. From the fragile cacti on rock outcrops to the symmetry red and yellow of leaves, you made the science of the woodlands comprehensible, without diminishing their magic.  – Steve M. 2013

“We take things for granted and must take time to look at God’s creation and learn more from it. The walk was very educational and I’m looking forward to more.” – Lateefah P. 2014

“What a bucolic day in the woods with [Kathryn] and Jessica.  I came home and googled the Golden Angle.  It is fascinating.  Thoreau would have approved . . .” – Wanda H. 2014

“I truly appreciate your generosity of spirit in guiding the walks and sharing your understanding of nature and photography.” – Laurel M. 2014

“It was interesting, something new. It’s good to learn more about nature. Good to know box elder from poison ivy. I now know beech trees, jewel weed, poke weed, and wild ginger. The exercise up and down was good and the spiders really made beautiful pictures.” – Liz S. 2014

“Almost all of [our group] said, when they went to bed they ‘slept like a baby.’ They raved about how informative, healthy and spiritual it was and want to know when I am going to take them again. – Deborah Bashir, Director, Rev James Orange Recreation Center 2014

“ . . . count ’em, 20! — bird species I can now identify in my yard. That’s amazing . . . Have I told you Eco-A women how much you rock?” – Marilyn M. 2014

“What a wonderful gathering. Thank you so much for including me and reminding me that we live in a forest. That completely shifts the way I think and, I hope, will act!” – Audrey G. 2014

“The walk was informative, inspiring and an opportunity to tap into my creativity in nature through photography.” Vickie H. 2014

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge of the natural world. Finding that field of yellow wildflowers (in-bleeding heart family-my mind just went blank, almost had the Latin but alas tis not to be) was wonderful.” – Carole M. 2014

“After the walk I ate a healthy lunch, went home and took a power nap generated from the fresh air. It was very spiritual.” – Diane S.