Almost everyone says our walks and outings are special and “exceeded expectations.” Here are some quotes from our walkers:

“It was like being on a hike with a woodland gnome. We uncovered more secrets, more discoveries, more cool things than I ever could have imagined walking around that lake.” – Deb W. 2020

“What a fabulous morning! Kathryn’s knowledge and willingness to share it have opened my eyes to so much richness all around us and makes the daily feeling of our urban forest even more sickening.  A thousand thank yous for arranging this morning are not enough.” – Margaret K. 2020 

“I’ve found that after our Pine Mountain trip, I’m starting to look around during walks and noticing the leaves, the trees, and the little squirrels (and deer!) – stopping more often to say “wow, isn’t this beautiful.” Thank you for helping me to appreciate nature a little more.” – Suraj S. 2020

“Our AmeriCorps NCCC Summit 1 team had a wonderful and beautiful time working with Kathryn and the other volunteers who attended the event. It proved to be an educational walk as much as it was billed to be labor-focused, exterminating invasive English ivy plant species. There were lectures around the ecological causes and consequences of the area, the different trees in the area, etc. It was a great time for the group and we relished the opportunity to participate. Thank you for hosting!”  – Adefemi O. 2020

“Thanks to Kathryn Kolb for her wealth of knowledge and love of land and history and bringing us all together–and her tireless work to conserve and protect nature. An excellent adventure!” – Linda B. 2020

“Thanks so much for organizing such a terrific Eco-A getaway to enjoy the meteor shower. Spending time in a rustic bunk-bed cabin brought back buried memories of early summer camp in the Malibu and San Bernardino mountains. And the meteors we did see were stunning! We appreciate Eco-A providing another one-of-a-kind nature experience.” – Lisa F. 2020

“Thank you all again for a wonderful night under the stars! It was wonderful. We hope to join you all for a walk in the metro area sometime in the future.” – Kellie and Dave F. 2020

“I loved your walk at Stone Mountain! I was SO glad to be on it!! I love that trail so much and I SAW so many more plants than ever before with you on that trail! Wow!! I was so glad I got to be on that walk that day! It was GREAT!” – Susan E. 2020

“Thank you for coming out and leading us through the walk, and then helping me to identify some of my trees in my yard after the walk. It was really nice to learn so much about my community and the park! I didn’t realize that we had so many trees in the park over 100 years old! I know we have a lot in the area in general and at the Cascade Nature Reserve but I didn’t know that we also had so many in Adams Park. It was also nice to learn about some of the medicinal properties of some of the plants there. A part of the reason that my wife and I moved here was because of the rich history of the area and some of its natural wonders. Walks and other events like this allow citizens and residents of our communities to learn about the treasures that we are sitting on and may not even realize it!” – Earle H. 2020

“Kathryn, I’m lucky to know people like you and a friend, who protects greenspace, who reinforce doing what’s right, and celebrating small victories as part of a larger effort. So my thanks to you for your activist example, energy, perseverance, and showing me how to look at nature with new eyes.” – Cynthia P. 2021

“I have enjoyed all the walks and volunteer work so far. Always well organized and fun!” – Funmi S. 2021

“Thank you so much for allowing me to walk with your group last week. It was so good to see land in the city that has minimal change by “us”. I applaud your efforts to remove invasive non-native plants. It is great that you are encouraging people to see how important our green spaces are to the environment and our everyday life.” – Susan H. 2021