New Stewardship Walks with Eco-A 

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Our innovative Stewardship program is designed to provide in-depth to training for local residents to better understand, enjoy, and care for greenspaces and the unique urban forest of metro-Atlanta. 


Ask us about designing a Stewardship Series for your community, school, or volunteer group.


Eco-A’s Stewardship Walks and Trainings 

provide inspiring educational experiences about Atlanta’s unique urban forest, how to identify trees, plants, birds animals and invasive species, how to restore native biodiversity, and how urban forests improve human health and the green infrastructure of our cities. Participants can become greenspace docents, who educate others, lead volunteers, and work with other non-profit groups, as well as business, government and other institutional greenspace partners.


Eco-A Stewardship Program Structure:

  • Our basic Stewardship Program offers 12 sessions per year in each greenspace. We can adjust to more, or fewer sessions as desired by each neighborhood group.

  • Each walk/volunteer event focuses on a different nature theme, such as Forest Intelligence while topics such as how to ID trees, plants, wildlife and invasive species will be re-visited in each session, giving each participant repeated training so that over time, they will become experts and able to teach others, raising the overall “environmental literacy” in our communities.

  • Sessions are from two to three hours each.

  • All learning takes place outdoors.

  • Participants may attend many sessions or just a few, and may join at any time.

  • Stewardship Walks are designed for adults, families and interested young people age 7 and up.

  • Participants may choose to attain different levels of naturalist/stewardship certification.

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