All life connects beautifully as one:

Our programs connect people to the natural world and to each other in a journey of discovery through education and shared experiences, to heal our communities and our planet.

Join us for free in-depth naturalist walks every month with naturalists Kathryn Kolb and Jessica Muhammad. We also offer Eco-Restoration consulting for homeowners and public landscapes.

Walk About Down Yonder

Together we discover beautiful places and learn

about native plants, trees, birds, wildlife & eco-

systems in Atlanta & the natural lands of Georgia.

Our participants have the opportunity to become certified Eco-Naturalists.


Eco A offers education and consulting services to help greenspace managers, gardeners, and homeowners

restore landscapes by protecting and re-establishing communities of native plants and trees that create our

green infrastructure & a network of bio-reserves for our region as well as educational opportunities for young

people and adults.